How To Buy From Liverpool Bullion

If you would like to purchase gold from Liverpool Bullion please contact us via email or telephone with either the budget you would like to spend and/or the items (bullion or coin name, weight and quantity) you would like to purchase.


  • We will then give you an ‘initial’ price based on the current spot trading price of gold.
  • If you wish to proceed with the transaction the funds must be paid to us in cash at our vault in Liverpool, England or via EFT into our account.
  • Once we have received the funds we will give you the ‘final’ price (in case of any fluctuation in the market between initial price and receipt of funds).
  • If you are happy with the ‘final’ price we will ‘lock-in’ that price for you and put the transaction through, once we have received the funds from you.
  • *Liverpool Bullion do not lock-in prices or finalise any transactions until we have received funds from the client.
  • Once the transaction has been finalised your gold will be ready for collection from our vault in Liverpool, England 2-3 working days later.
  • Secure delivery of your purchase can be made to other destinations and can be arranged on a ‘by request’ basis – this will incur an additional charge.


You can contact our gold buyers at:

Store Your Gold With Us

Liverpool Bullion is housed within Liverpool Vaults, England's independent purpose built safe deposit box facility.